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The Westex Difference

Westex's proprietary technology, custom-engineered equipment and extensive experience allow Westex UltraSoft® to contain all of the following characteristics on a consistent basis:

  1. Guaranteed flame resistance to laundering
  2. Excellent shrinkage control — Westex's "Double-Shrunk" technology
  3. Soft feel or "hand" to optimize comfort (a stiff hand can also have a negative impact on garment appearance and durability)

The Market-Proven Westex Guarantee

  • For over 20 Years Westex has guaranteed the flame resistance of Westex UltraSoft®, UltraSoft AC™ and Indura® brand fabrics for the life of the garment
  • This guarantee has been proven repeatedly through millions of garments installed annually into FR clothing programs around the world

The WTX-87 Wash Formula

  • Established over 20 years ago to prove the validity of the Indura® "flame resistant for the life of the garment guarantee" to effectively compete with Nomex® synthetic FR fabrics
  • Westex continues to employ this harsh method today even though new standards have since been introduced with washing procedures that are far less severe

The Westex Brand; Look for the Label!

Westex UltraSoft®, UltraSoft AC™ and Indura® fabrics are required to be clearly and properly labeled within every garment as Westex brand fabrics. Generic and off-brand FR fabrics often claim they are "as good as" or "the same" as Westex fabrics — but our consistent performance proves there is no substitute for the original.

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