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Westex Fabric Brands

samples-decorationMilliken & Westex, the two most trusted names in FR, are now one. Westex by Milliken continues to offer extremely comfortable, market-proven fabrics that are specified by name by thousands of companies globally. We are dedicated to providing advanced FR fabrics now and in the future. Milliken’s extensive history of innovation and Westex’s FR expertise strengthen our capabilities to deliver the most innovative FR fabrics for the millions of industrial workers who need protection from arc flash, flash fire and other thermal hazards.



UltraSoft® has become the fabric of choice by thousands of companies globally. First introduced in 1996, it has earned a strong reputation of providing multi-hazard protection along with excellent comfort and value.

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UltraSoft AC® combines the finest long-staple
cotton with advanced proprietary softening technology to provide the most comfortable fabric on the market.

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Introduced in 1987, Indura® was the first cotton fabric engineered to provide guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment. Indura® is still popular today for use in the metals industry, in denim jeans and with budget conscious contractors.

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A recent innovation developed with home care in mind. TrueComfort® provides multi-hazard protection and exceptional comfort.

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Introduced in 2003, CXP® offers greater comfort than other aramid fabrics due to the Softouch Technology™ process, which provides improved breathability, longer lasting color and a softer hand.

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Nomex® CXP® combines the Softouch Technology™ process with LEAP® technology to provide a soft aramid fabric that protects against both arc flash and flash fire hazards.

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Designed for inclement weather conditions, AllOut™ fabrics have a water and wind resistant barrier technology. This fabric makes a great outer shell when combined with InsulAir™ in cold weather garment.

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With a unique ability to shed molten metal, Westex Vinex® continues to set the standard as the benchmark fabric in today’s aluminum industry. The fabrics have been successfully incorporated into protective clothing programs at major aluminum companies worldwide for nearly two decades, with positive reports on comfort.


A new line of quilted products made with Silica Rayon and poly high loft. InsulAir™ is available in three weights: light, mid and heavy-weight systems that offer excellent protection in cold outdoor environments.

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Indigo™ is a superior line of FR denim fabrics that merge the look of every day jeanswear with protective, comfortable and reliable industrial workwear.

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The Westex Difference

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Shrinkage Control
Softness & Comfort

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The Difference Between Ultrasoft® and Generic Fabrics

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