Beyond Compliance: Specifying Reliable Flame Resistant Workwear

Know what you are truly buying: The AR/FR fabric in workwear is the single largest factor in determining the garment’s protection level, comfort, and overall value. Read More

Believe in Safety: A Survivor’s Insight

After surviving an arc flash accident, which landed him in the hospital and required an extensive recovery process, Brandon Schroeder keenly felt the value in sharing his story. Not only was it a poignant narrative, but it also drove home the fact that an arc flash accident impacts more than just you personally. Read More

Westex Contractor Clothing

Three Takeaways from the NFPA 70E Twitter Chat

Today’s #70EChat, hosted by NECA and Westex by Milliken, brought the electrical industry together to discuss the ever-evolving world of electrical safety. Exploring the 2018 edition of NFPA 70E – and more importantly, what that means for electrical contractors – the #70EChat raised important questions, offered new perspectives, and opened the doors to further conversations in pursuit of safer practices and work environments. Read More

Milliken & Company

Milliken & Company Named One of America’s Safest Companies

When a work environment is safe, workers are free to focus on their jobs.  That is the driving belief behind Milliken’s commitment to safety.  We are happy to announce that Milliken & Company has been included in America’s Safest Companies List.  Created in 2002, American’s Safest Companies is a corporate award that honors companies who have a demonstrated commitment to employee safety and health, environment management, and risk control. Read More

5 FR/AR Fabrics

Five AR/FR Fabrics Designed to Meet End User Needs

Last month, Westex by Milliken joined the industry in one of the largest safety conferences in the U.S. – NSC Congress & Expo. It is an opportunity to be immersed in the industry – gleaning information, learning the latest developments and experiencing products in-person.

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danger hiding in plain sight generic 88/12 fr fabric

The Danger Hiding in Plain Sight: Generic “88/12 FR” Fabrics

The vast number of flame resistant fabrics, garments and manufacturers in today’s market has led to confusion around the differences between flame resistant (FR) fabric types, FR fabric manufacturing methods and FR garment brands. Many don’t realize that the term “88/12 FR” is nothing more than a fabric content or type of fabric. “88/12 FR” is not a brand of fabric, and therefore does not provide any information on fabric performance, which varies widely by fabric manufacturer. It’s also not well understood that who manufactures the fabrics is almost always different from who manufactures the garment, and behind a trusted garment label might be lower-quality, generic FR fabric. Given the poor performance of generic “88/12 FR” fabrics, misunderstanding the terms and labels can have serious consequences for workers.

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Worker Safety

Standing Up for Worker Safety: A Case Study on Generic vs. Branded FR Fabrics

When Dan joined an American company as Environmental Health and Safety Manager, his team leader and Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Robin, immediately informed him that the field employees, had a high exposure to arc flash over the course of their daily operations. The company’s 1,500 field technicians interact daily with electrified equipment– and have families, spouses, and children who wait for their safe return from work after a long day.

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