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At Westex, we know safety on the jobsite is critical—and the fabric you’re wearing is your last line of defense. As the industry leader in AR/FR performance and innovation, we make education our top priority by constantly tapping top experts and adding new resources to our free virtual content library, all so your team can make smarter, more informed decisions about the PPE you’re counting on for comfort and protection.



Arc Flash PPE Best Practices for Utility Workers: Sponsored by OH&S

Participants will learn how key PPE best practices like proper wear techniques, laundering and choosing the right PPE for your environment (especially in heat stress settings) are critical in the …


Arc Flash PPE Safety and How to Lead a Culture Shift

Designed to help organizations cultivate comprehensive safety programs, this webinar will educate participants on key PPE best practices and 9 principles recommended for creating an effective safety culture from the …


Fire Science & Flame-Resistant Fabric Technologies

Flame-resistant garments protect workers in a variety of occupations where there is a risk of arc flash or flash fire incidents. These garments are made from fabrics that can utilize several …


Using Current Consensus Standards and PPE Best Practices to Build Organizational Resilience

One of the latest schools of thought pertaining to safety departments around bolstering organizations everywhere is resilience—or the capacity to respond, absorb, adapt and recover in a disruptive incident. The …

Interactive Panel Videos


How to Build an Effective Safety Culture for Your Organization

Focused on providing organizations with the information they need to achieve and maintain effective safety cultures, panelists will discuss a range of topics and answer audience questions during this virtual …


The Progression of FR Fabric: Where We’re Headed

Over the years, FR fabric has evolved for myriad reasons—as has the way wearers and safety directors go about selecting PPE. During this engaging conversation, participants will learn how to better evaluate FR fabric and garment trends, as …



Your FR/AR PPE Questions—Answered: Hygiene & Safety

In this podcast episode, we focus on those that don FR/AR PPE each work day and the hygiene practices safety professionals must go through when cleaning and disinfecting these pieces.


Your FR/AR PPE Questions—Answered: Weather Preparedness

This podcast episode answers some of the biggest questions in relation to FR/AR PPE in inclement weather; including wearing layers, incentivizing employees to wear their PPE correctly and even a …


Your FR/AR Safety PPE Questions—Answered: Global Standards

Creating a flame resistant and arc rated PPE program for your company can be a struggle. Creating a FR/AR program that is consistent throughout multiple locations of your company—including international …


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