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Legal Disclaimer

The information on this website is based on testing conducted by or conducted on behalf of Westex, Inc., an entity of Milliken & Company, and represents its analysis of the test results. It is not intended to substitute for any testing that may be unique and necessary for your facility for you to determine the suitability of Westex Inc.’s products for your particular purpose. BECAUSE WESTEX, INC. CANNOT ANTICIPATE ALL VARIATIONS IN END-USER CONDITIONS, WESTEX, INC. MAKES NO WARRANTIES AND ASSUMES NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER IN CONNECTION WITH ANY USE OF THIS INFORMATION. All test results reported are based on standard laboratory tests related to exposure to arcs, flames and heat. The results reported should not be used to predict garment performance in actual fire situations. All sales are exclusively subject to Westex, Inc.’s standard terms of sale posted at www.milliken.com/terms (all additional/different terms are rejected) unless explicitly agreed otherwise in a signed writing. Most Westex by Milliken fabrics are guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment when proper care and maintenance procedures are followed. Westex’s Care and Maintenance Guide is available at www.westex.com. Please contact Westex, Inc. for additional information about flame resistant specifications for particular products. Consult with the fabric supplier, garment manufacturer and launderer for recommendations of proper cleaning techniques.

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Before you choose FR garments or a clothing supplier, review the critical steps for correctly implementing a protective clothing program.

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