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Three Ways Westex® DH Base Layer Fabric Changes the Game for FR/AR PPE Programs

FR Fabric Education
03 Sep 2019

Drawing from customer feedback and suggestions, the Westex® DH line of performance flame resistant (FR), arc rated (AR) fabrics was created to meet the most requested and pressing end-user needs for thermal hazard FR/AR personal protective equipment (PPE). Durable and robust, the line offers superior arc flash and flash fire protection in a variety of garment weights and styles for FR/AR daily wear. With fabrics ranging from a basket weave fabric ideally suited for cargo pants to a durable construction for button-down shirts, the line is expanding to include an innovative fabric for FR/AR base layers, which will debut at the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo in San Diego Sept. 9 – 11.

Curious if a Westex® DH Base Layer shirt is right for you? We explore three key benefits a Westex® DH base layer can have on your FR/AR PPE program.

  1. Enhanced comfort & wearability In the past, FR/AR garments have not been typically associated with ‘comfort.’ With fabric technology advancements, however, Westex by Milliken’s innovative, soft, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking base layer fabric offers a want-to-wear experience for PPE. Weighing 4.5 ounces, the fiber blend fabric mimics the touch and feel of a cotton t-shirt with the added benefit of FR/AR protection—the first of its kind for the trusted Westex® brand. Incorporating breathable and moisture-wicking characteristics, the base layer can help keep workers cool and dry throughout the day. It can also promote the adoption of an FR/AR daily wear program, helping to further protect employees against unexpected arc flash and flash fire.
  2. Increased FR/AR protection Using a Westex® DH base layer can help increase the FR protection of a garment system or reach a desired arc rating. The durable and functional fabric has a 4.7 ATPV rating and provides NFPA 70E Category 1 protection, and when used as part of a layered system—tested per ASTM F-1959—it can also increase the system’s total arc rating. Additionally, the FR/AR properties will last the life of the garment when cleaned and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Reliable FR/AR performance for trusted peace of mind Every Westex® branded fabric carries third-party verifications to ensure the thermal protection meets or exceeds industry standards for the life of the garment. Westex® DH fabric is both lab tested and market proven to help mitigate injuries should an incident occur, is NFPA 2112-certified, and meets NFPA 70E requirements.

If you are attending NSC Congress & Expo, be sure to drop by booth 5735 to:

  • Discover how our comprehensive portfolio of aramid, blend, and cotton-rich textiles can enhance your FR/AR PPE programs for numerous industries, especially the electrical utilities, and oil and gas industries
  • Enter for the chance to win a YETI Outdoor Adventure Pack
  • Learn how the latest updates to industry standards impact your organization with our full schedule of in-booth safety presentations

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