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westex® dh air™

Our new, patent pending, Westex® DH Air™ brings all the amazing characteristics you’ve come to love from Westex® DH to a lightweight, Cat 2 fabric. Westex® DH Air™ is an excellent choice for arc flash and flash fire protection, providing excellent breathability and moisture management, while maintaining color consistency for the wearer.

Westex® DH Air™ Fabric Styles

Style Description Content ARC Rating (ATPV) NFPA 2112 Certified Cuttable Width Spec Weight OZ/YD2 (G/M2) Laundry Typical Garment Applications
8811 5.5 ox. 2×1 Twill Patented Westex Tri-Blend Lenzing™ Lyocel, Modacrylic, Aramid Cat 2 Yes (31.7%) 60″ 5.5 (186) Industrial, Home Lightweight Shirts, Lightweight Coveralls