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Combustible Dust

OSHA is Citing Facilities!

The National Emphasis Program is active and OSHA can and is issuing citations, including for PPE. Combustible Dust includes a Flash Fire Hazard and FR clothing is required. Westex can help your company become compliant with the flash fire portion of the NEP. View the full list of Combustible Dust materials.



What You Need To Know

  • OSHA IS citing under the NEP today, ahead of a Final Rule, including for PPE.
  • The SBREFA process is underway, and a Final Rule may be issued during 2014 or soon after.
  • All combustible dusts, no matter how low their KST value, are dangerous and require full compliance. In fact, almost all of the highest-casualty events in the USA have been caused by “low” KST dusts.
  • The primary consensus standard (NFPA 654) has proscriptive language requiring FR clothing, as do all four versions of the Rule OSHA submitted to the SBREFA process.

Some Industries Affected

Food Processing
Fossil Fuel Power Generation


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