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Westex Flame Resistant Fabric Brands

Westex by Milliken flame resistant fabrics

Flame resistant (FR) fabric is your last line of defense and with hundreds of different fabrics in the market you want to be sure that you are choosing a fabric that is from a reputable company that you can count on.

At Westex: A Milliken Brand, we offer an extensive portfolio of AR/FR fabrics that include various types of fibers, yarns and FR technologies. We guarantee all of our product lines to be flame resistant for the life of the garment. Our team of engineers uses state-of-the-art equipment, advance proprietary processes and patented technologies to deliver the best possible AR/FR fabrics in the marketplace — many of which are NFPA 2112 certified and are NFPA 70E compliant. Contact the Westex team for help on customizing the right FR program for you.

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Westex: A Milliken Brand Product Lines



Discover the Next Evolution of FR Workwear.

Our new Polartec FR Fabric Collection has arrived. Explore the full launch line of FR/AR next-to-skin knits that bring together the premium performance of textile innovator Polartec and the superior protection and FR expertise of Westex: A Milliken Brand in this breakthrough collection.

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With its uniquely woven blend, Westex® DH provides outstanding breathability and optimized moisture management to keep the wearer cooler, drier and more comfortable. Westex® DH also retains an excellent after-wash appearance, with a low propensity for pilling and is ANSI 107 certified. An excellent choice for arc flash fire and molten metal splash protection.

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Our new, patent pending, Westex® DH Air brings all the amazing characteristics you’ve come to love from Westex® DH to a lightweight, Cat 2 fabric. Westex® DH Air is an excellent choice for arc flash and flash fire protection, providing excellent breathability and moisture management, while maintaining color consistency for the wearer.

Fabric Styles

Cotton & Cotton Rich

Westex UltraSoft®, our most popular cotton-rich FR fabric brand, has a strong reputation for providing an excellent balance of protection, comfort and value. Westex UltraSoft® was first introduced nearly two decades ago and today is specified by brand name by thousands of end-user globally.

Fabric Styles

When comfort is the concern, Westex UltraSoft AC® is the top choice. Produced with a higher construction and finer yarns than the UltraSoft® brand, combined with our proprietary advanced softening technology makes the Westex UltraSoft AC® brand the most comfortable fabric on the market.

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Designed with homecare in mind, this exceptionally comfortable multi-hazard fabric provides excellent air permeability and increased mobility over other FR fabrics.

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Westex Indigo® is a superior line of FR denim fabrics that combine the look of every day jeanswear with protective, comfortable and reliable industrial workwear.

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Westex Indura® was the first cotton fabric engineered to provide guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment. First introduced in 1987, Westex Indura® is still popular today for use in jacket and pants in the metals industry and in coveralls for budget conscious contractors.

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Westex UltraSoft® Flex FR fabric is designed to bend with your workers as they move in their jobs — giving them enhanced comfort and greater mobility while they work. Plus, they’ll have the excellent softness, shrinkage control and guaranteed flame resistance
that’s only possible with Westex’s advanced, proprietary engineering process.

Fabric Styles

Westex G2 is one of our most comfortable fabrics. In addition to lightweight, breathable and flexible properties, Westex G2 fabrics are engineered to maximize airflow and wick away moisture faster to keep you drier throughout the day.

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Westex Synergy® Pro is engineered to outperform other leading aramid fabrics. Delivering more than just inherent FR protection, this exceptionally soft, highly durable fabric will maintain its color uniformity after numerous industrial washes, providing a professional look for your employees.

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Westex Synergy® is made with 100% Nomex® IIIA. Nomex® is an inherent fiber and has been a leader in heat and flame protection for more than 45 years. Nomex® fiber helps FR clothing maintain its size and shape after repeated launderings for a professional appearance.

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The most comfortable aramid fabric. Westex CXP® is made with 100% Nomex IIIA and a patented Softouch Technology® process, which provides improved breathability, longer lasting color and a softer hand.

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With a unique ability to shed molten metal, Westex Vinex® continues to set the standard as the benchmark fabric in today’s aluminum industry. The fabrics have been successfully incorporated into protective clothing programs at major aluminum companies worldwide for nearly three decades, Vinex® provides better wearer comfort than other competitive wool blends.

Fabric Styles

Westex AllOut® fabrics provide durable water repellency along with enhanced wind resistance while maintaining good breathability. AllOut® fabrics eliminate the need for a non-compliant NFPA 2112 vapor barrier. Westex AllOut® is great on its own or paired with Westex InsulAir® lining for excellent outdoor protection in inclement weather.

Fabric Styles

A new line of quilted products made with silica rayon and poly high loft. Westex InsulAir® offers excellent protection in cold outdoor environments at a great value.

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