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3D Thinsulate quilted to Westex UltraSoft

Ultimate Warmth Matched to Maximum Comfort

Westex teamed up with 3M to develop Thinsulate™ Insulation FR quilted to UltraSoft®. Combining FR protection with lightweight warmth, it is ideal for use in cold outdoor environments — enabling workers to tackle tough jobs in comfort without sacrificing protection.

Made from a flame resistant blend of aramid, modacrylic and polyester fibers, Thinsulate™ Insulation FR is a mid-loft product with quality drape characteristics to enhance garment flexibility and aid in garment styling. And its lofty fibrous webs trap more air and contain more of the body’s radiant heat than higher-density needle-punched webs, resulting in exceptional warmth and breathability without the weight. ThinsulateTM Insulation FR quilted to UltraSoft® provides excellent protection against arc flash and flash fire hazards.

Where to buy Westex by Milliken flame resistant fabric

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